I have a PhD in Curriculum theory and implementation (focus on Imaginative Education and Early Childhood) from Simon Fraser University, Canada. Presently, I am a graduate sessional instructor at SFU and an ECCE instructor at Capilano University. I have been involved with Imaginative Education since 1999 when, upon completing my Master’s Degree at SFU, I initiated and ran childcare centers in Romania that applied Egan’s theory (Imaginative education) in practice. I developed an ECCE practice stream of Imaginative Education that is described in my 2010 publication: A New Outlook on Preschool Education. The Annabella Method (Cluj-Napoca, Risoprint, 2010). My newest publications include: Wonder-full Education – The centrality of wonder to science, mathematics, humanities, and arts teaching (as editor) Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group (2013); The LiDKit: Resources for Implementing the Learning in Depth Program (as part of the publishing IERG team). Pacific Education Press UBC (2013); Dear Kindergarten Teacher. Thematic Teaching Projects with Narrative Integration of Curricular Content. (Pitesti, Diamant, 2010).


Through my PhD research I am introducing the world to a new kind of pedagogy, a pedagogy born out of lessons I have learned from children and life; a pedagogy that has the potential to open up minds and hearts toward what is the most important in the complex educational web: children. My pedagogy is called UNSWADDLING PEDAGOGY.

Twitter: @AskAnnabella
Instagram: @AskAnnabella